Roof Plans

Roof plans are useful for architects that are completing a full remodel of a home.  City permitting is complicated and architects have to be sure to fit the new proposed plans into a designated envelope ("McMansion Rule").  Roof plans along with elevations of existing buildings help an architect visualize and implement their design ideas quickly and cost effectively. 


Site Plans

**This is not a site survey
Site Plans are a visual representation of a building or complex as a whole.  They give an overview of the entire site and the relationship buildings have to each other. This can include ADA path of travel for parking areas, a general map of an office complex, or a simple layout for marketing purposes.

​​Photo Documentation

Dimensions Floorplans, LLC uses the latest technology to provide 360 degree photo documentation of interior spaces. These services help eliminate the need for repeated site visits and helps the design team stream line the design process.  We also provide a photo layout of within the plan to quickly identify the photos, our clients need never leave their offices to see a clear picture of every room and area in the entire building.  The fees for these services are based on the individual project requirement.

High quality still photos are also used to show architectural elements and exterior views.

​​Reflected Ceiling Plans

A Reflected Ceiling Plan is used to show all of the elements that currently exist on the ceiling of a space. We will locate and document every detail including heights, ceiling grids, sprinkler heads, lights, vents, cameras, signage, etc.  These plans are very useful for permitting purposes and in new construction layout.

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